Ignite Boise is a 3 hour-ish idea feeding frenzy that brings together artists, geeks, entrepreneurs, academics, government officials, and others to share their ideas in fast-paced, bite-sized presentations. It’s a great opportunity to meet smart, interesting people (if we do say so ourselves) and maybe even learn something.

Bringing together embers of big ideas to spark a blaze of creativity in Boise’s business and creative community –leaving attendees more educated and just as importantly, more inspired.

Presenters each get five minutes and 20 slides (automatically rotating every 15 seconds) to talk on a topic of their choice. Everyone is invited to participate, though due to the limitations of space and time, only a handful will be selected to present at each event.

Zero. Zip. Nada. Ignite Boise is brought to you by a group of volunteers and sponsors.


Ron Baker
Ron is founder and co-owner of rizen creative. After more than 16 years in the design and advertising business, Ron founded rizen creative in 2002 with hopes of creating a different kind of creative firm, the kind that puts people first – and the work a very close second. Ron cut his teeth working for the K2 Ski Corporation while attending art school, and eventually, on to the agency world. The philosophies and structure of rizen creative are heavily influenced by his past experiences – both positive and negative – from a variety of creative roles at traditional and interactive agencies.

Jay Holmes, CPA
A dreamer, strategizer (my spell checker doesn’t like that one – but it seems to fill the space well) and CPA at Holmes and Larson – somehow that all works. IgniteBoise is a wonderful fit.

Annella Kelso
A soon to be graduate of Boise State University’s Communication & Public Relations program, Annella is a Marketing Specialist at Agri Beef Co.  A little sassy with a spice for life, Annella is a self-proclaimed beef snob, PR Rockstar, lover of all things music and a total wanna be foodie.  A public speaking enthusiast who is passionate about big ideas and forward thinking, IgniteBoise seemed the perfect place for her to be a part of something greater.

Kelly Madison

Stephen M. Nipper
Stephen M. Nipper is a patent/trademark attorney and partner with the law firm of Buchanan + Nipper in Boise.  Steve is the author of The Invent Blog®, a technology blog covering news, technology tips, and other information relevant to intellectual property attorneys, independent inventors and small businesses.

Wyatt Werner
An Oregon native, Wyatt moved to Boise to earn a BA in philosophy from Northwest Nazarene University and later an MBA from Portland State University.  A founding member of Ignite Boise, Wyatt runs Boise Classic Movies, a crowd-sourced movie screening series, and kanso, a web solutions shop.  He can often be found sipping and supping at Boise’s fine pubs and restaurants while listening to Tom Waits with his dog, Chili…actually, that event has never happened.


Tac Anderson (IB1)
Chris Blanchard (IB1 – IB7)
Rachael Daigle (IB7 – IB8)
Rochelle Lierz DeLong (IB2 – IB8)
Jess Flynn (IB2 – IB8)
Jeff Reynolds (IB1 – IB7)