The Speakers

Here we have your IB10 speaker list!  Thanks again to everyone who submitted, and congrats to these fine folks:

Why Every Business Leader Needs to Make Sausage

by Jess Flynn

I believe passionately that it’s imperative for every desk jockey, managerial ‘buck-stops-here’er’ to get their hands dirty and make sausage…literally.

A world of meetings, strategic exercises, emails and conference calls have blunted our senses and neutered our ability to truly create something. Without the joy of creation, our ability to think creatively is stunted.

Every business founder, owner, leader or manager needs to commit to creating, crafting, producing, building or cranking out something physical weekly.

This is my call to pull out the meat grinders and canvases, knitting needles and shovels and get your hands dirty.

Geodesic Domes Vs Geometric Knowns

by Chris Callor

A 5 minute summary of Buck Minister Fuller’s approach to geometry. 3 simple arguments. 1 There is no such thing as a straight line. 2 There is no such thing as a square. 3 The sum of a triangle’s angles is never 180 degrees….in fact, its always greater than 180 but never more than 270 degrees. These 3 principles are demonstrated in a geodesic dome which is the most efficient man made structure to date. Since squares do not exist, thinking inside or outside of boxes is wasted energy.

Facial Hair and Criminal Profiling

by Drew Roberts

Racial profiling is an outmoded and dangerous practice for law enforcement nowadays. I believe officers and homeland security personnel could be employing a much safer and reliable method of tracking criminals and keeping track of ne’er-do-wells: Facial Hair. Profiling citizens by their facial accoutrements could stop crimes against humanity (Hitler), terrorism, and crimes against nature (hipsters). It’s high time this practice were given a fair shot.

Desperately Seeking Skills Assessment: Where Colleges Fail

by Eric Landrum

The success of any one particular college student appears to me to be a crap-shoot. What many faculty members do in their classrooms is disconnected to what employers need; college graduates are often unhappy and employers are pissed about the lack of skill level exhibited by “fresh-outs” (newly minted college graduates). During this talk, I’ll rip the Ivory Tower (where I live) a new one and make specific suggestions as to how higher education must change else suffer the consequences of a brave new higher educational world.

Lessons (for Boise and me) from the world’s top startup accelerator.

by Jeff Reynolds

When a company I was working with was one of only 1.5% of applicants chosen for Y Combinator, the world’s top startup accelerator*, I made the difficult decision to go along for the ride. I’ll talk about what I’m learning about startup life, Silicon Valley culture, and where Boise holds its own and needs to improve to grow into an entrepreneurial juggernaut.

*this isn’t just me saying this, it’s Forbes:

Riding the Wave and Braving the Shave

by Terri Nicholson

Last August I received my second cancer diagnosis. Weeks before starting the school year at a new school, teaching a new grade. My talk will cover my reaction to the diagnosis, how I coped with missing the first quarter of school, and ends with my decision to have my head shaved for St. Baldrick’s because a small group of boys in my class were going to do so for the second year in a row.

You Can Take the Boy Out of the City, But You Can’t Take the City Out of the Boy

by Lee Eyerman

After 9/11, the New York City Blackout, and being hit on the N.J. Turnpike from behind at 70+MPH, I felt as if I might be receiving a sign – a heavenly sign. Despite being raised in NJ/NYC, it was time to go. Without ever visiting Boise, I decided to move to this “rural” city. Here, I found a home. Culture shock was a huge part of it, and now, I can see the differences between Boise and NYC – I would like to discuss these differences in a funny contrasting manner.

Penguins eat fish, not carrots!

by Kayla Griffin

 I have heard so many crazy things that parents teach their children about animals that are 100% false! I want to spend my 5 minutes debunking as many of those fake facts as possible! (example: I over heard this woman telling her son that penguins eat lettuce and carrots…well I hate to break it to everybody, but penguins actually eat fish).

Transparent Costs of Medical Care

by Robin Young

Doctor Offices and Hospitals use a ‘code system’ to determine the billing cost of medical and surgical care. The client or patient may have no idea what their medical care will cost to them – out of pocket, or to their medical health insurance coverage when a claim is billed. If you utilize a hotel or a restaurant, you know the costs before using the service by reading Ads or on-line reservation information or menus. Why such secrecy in the Medical field? Most doctors do not know the cost of medicines or procedures they prescribe. Most health care workers do not know the cost of disposables and equipment they use in providing care. Would transparency and awareness help to lower our skyrocketing costs?

America’s Disorder Disorder

by Matt Shelar

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 26.2% of American adults are diagnosed with a mental disorder every year; and about 45% of these individuals are diagnosed with more than one disorder.

About 18% of America’s adults are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

I wish to talk about how formalizing different groups of disorders desensitizes Americans to them. In other words, if SO many people really have these disorders, doesn’t that make us less apt to fear them? And thus, does it not take attention away from those who really DO suffer from said disorders?

Are mental disorders in America really this prevalent or am I just going crazy?

 ….and independence for all.

by Victoria Savage

Most everyone of us has a treasure in our life that permeates every aspect of or life and often isn’t valued. Throughout our lives elder family members have been a wealth of knowledge, experience and innovation and still can be.

In fact quite the opposite is true. Often they’re ignored, discounted and warehoused.

Theyve spent their lives giving to all of us. The greatest gift we can present them with is the opportunity to remain independent in their own home as long as possible.

I have a dream where we treasure the gift they are and give of ourselves to them in helping to understand and implement avenues that will keep them independent and happier longer.

 I’ll Make You Famous… well Boise Twitter Famous*

by J.J. Saldana

Due to my bio on Twitter I am asked by my fellow tweeps how I can make them famous. I will present on how to be famous, more particularly Boise famous using social media. I will talk about the different types of fame. Do you want to be Kate Winslet famous or Snooki famous? I will point out who Boise’s ‘tweet-lebrities’ are.

What would you do if you were not afraid?*

by Nancy Sathre-Vogel

Doing something new is scary, and you might fail. However, if you never even try, you’re facing a 100% chance of failure. It’s better to at least try than to live with regrets.

And the amazing thing is this: when you step out and give it your best shot, the universe conspires to help you.

We only live once – how do we spend our time?*

by Adrian Sitterle

Humans have only one life. Do they spend that finite amount of time on earth well? What defines a well spent time?

In my talk I will try to get people to re-evaluate how they spend their time. I will start with providing statistics on how much time people spend on what, by touching on different hobbies, interests, ages, beliefs, etc. This will paint a picture of an average person living in Boise.

Second part will consist of trying to understand what the meaning of life is. After all, it directly affects what we spend our time on. I will discuss some of the common ones, such as religion, making impact on the rest of the human race, just being happy, etc. At this point, each viewer will be trying to think about what their own goal in life is.

My talk will be full of examples of famous people and statistics that I will compile myself or get from conducted studies. The goal is for people to come out motivated to use their time the best they can – whether they already do it or not.

This talk by no means will be depressing.

Failure to Connect: Get Kids off the Screens!*

by Richard Mussler-Wright

Young children are spending more and more time on screen technology (computers, laptops,and tablets) in the school day. There is a disconnect between what we believe the technology will do for our children, and what the actual results are. Research suggests the best thing we can do for younger children is to get them off the screens and get them working with physical constructs and being active!

Let’s limit the screen time to childen under the age of 7! I want to talk about the movement and marketing to embed screen technology in early grades, discuss the consequences, and propose a solution!


* voted in by YOU!